Windows PowerShell

Query AD and Update SQL Express Table Using PowerShell


Query AD [Active Directory] computers and insert into SQL Express.


Requirement is just an one liner. We need to consider a lot before we deliver this to production.

  • Do we need all computers from AD or just enabled? Yeah! We need only enabled computers. If Admin disables / enables a computer or remove / adds a computer in AD the SQL express table should update accordingly.
  • Do we need only client operating systems? Yeah! We need this is for Client OS reporting.


To summarize the requirement customer needs a solution which should do the below tasks.

  • Insert if new Computer found in AD.
  • Drop if computer is removed.
  • Update properties if any change identified.


  • Query AD with Filter ON [Enabled -eq $true and OperatingSystem -eq ‘Windows 7 Enterprise’].
  • Insert If exists.
  • Drop Row if SQL Express rows doesn’t match AD value.[Removed from AD but exists in SQL table]
  • If new computer found insert into table.

PowerShell Code

 #Establish Connection to SQL Express
$conn = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=Localhost\SQLExpress; Initial Catalog=Employee; Integrated Security=SSPI")

#Query AD and Update SQL Table
Get-ADComputer -Filter {(Enabled -eq $true) -and (OperatingSystem -eq 'Windows 7 Enterprise')} -Properties * | %{

$Name = $_.Name 
$OS = $_.OperatingSystem 
$LastLogonDate  = $_.LastLogonDate 
$PasswordLastSet = $_.PasswordLastSet
$Description = $_.Description 
$DN = $_.DistinguishedName
$Enabled = $_.Enabled

$cmd = $conn.CreateCommand()
$query = @"
IF EXISTS (Select * from ComputerInformation Where ComputerName = '$Name')
Delete from ComputerInformation where ComputerName <> '$Name'
INSERT INTO ComputerInformation VALUES ('$Name' , '$OS' , '$LastLogonDate' , '$PasswordLastSet' , '$Description' , '$DN' , '$Enabled')
$cmd.CommandText = $query

#Close the connection


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