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Microsoft Word VSTO ADDIN – Retrieve SharePoint Site List Information Using CSOM

A friend of mine Erdem Avni Avni SELÇUK from Turkey showed a video sample which retrieves SharePoint Online list column information in Excel! Truly amazing stuff for SharePoint IT Professionals  at least for me. So, thought of Sharing my demo code which simply lists all SharePoint list title and includes a header text and footer with image in word document. This is very ugly code but may give some dice for IT Pro’s for customizing and building the solution as desired for content managers.

This is our output – Modified the image so header and footer will be visible



Step 1: Create a a Office VSTO office 2013 / 2016 addin solution using Visual Studio – Start From here

Step 2: Add a new item to the solution and choose Ribbon – it’s an xml file! – Start From here

Step 3: Install CSOM SDK assemblies 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Below is the sample code

Note: I haven’t modified anything in XML file – For a demo I left as it is! I tested in MS word 2016.  Once the Ribbon item is added you can use the below code as a sample by changing the URL, admin ID and password

Video Output

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