Play with node-powershell!


One of my colleague asked me a PowerShell script to query AD User information! Yes, I did your voice!

But, he asked “How will I do it in NODE JS with no AD Module?” Well! it’s too deep to discuss about node js! Anyways to make it simple I shared an app which  serves as a REST endpoint to query AD User information from any platforms like ASP.NET , NODE JS, PowerShell etc.


The PS script for User.PS1 is using ADSI 🙂 with a parameter for samaccountname which is named as GUID (A Friendly Name 🙂 )!

Spin your NODE and browse for the result!  REST URL :

The RESTful continues! Happy PowerShell!

Create a HPSM9 incident with an attachment using PowerShell


One of our valuable customer asked a script to create a HPSM9 incident with a screen shot! Yes, it is really easy if we understand the WSDL! With no wait here is the snippet

The documentation for HPSM9 is here! Get the full script from GitHub!