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Filter HTML Table rows using PUG | Interactively on Browser!

I was experimenting “Filter HTML Table rows using PUG” and got a PING for the same requirement! It’s easy using CDN and JS Script (I used it only for demo purpose.) For sure, I will walk you through the steps in bootstrap consumptions later in my blog post. I say “NO” for CDN because of reliability!  issues.

Requirement/Outcome is illustrated in the below shown GIF

Interesting right? 🙂 PUG file is here…..

Tip: td=process.Handles > 600 // This results in boolean!

Here I am selecting first 10 process running in local host! Yes, please bare with me I need to fuse PowerShell 🙂 So, PS snippet goes like shown below!

Added a ROUTE in our server.js

Just hook it up and Enjoy PowerShell!

Disclaimer: I don’t know the person to credit for this JS / CDN! 

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