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Zomato Custom Web App using PowerShell and Node JS

A friend asked me a demo to use iFrame in PUG file. To make the session short I used zomato widgets code and very little of PowerShell scripts. All I used is Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet to retrieve information. This is just a start – so all we have is a Zomato API and

With no wait let us explore the solution. First and foremost get the API Credentials – I opted for free through which I can use 1000 calls per day and placed the key in config.xml file (For Demo). Using the below snippet

we get the illustrated output

Okay, I need to show something fancy right? And for that I didn’t do much coding,. instead I grabbed the widget and used the iFrame element. GO GET YOURS (Zomato Widgets)

Restaurant Search

Nearby Restaurants

Restaurant Collection

Excited to see the output? Okay, here is a sneak peak!

Cool Right? Thats an example to use the iFrame! Now, let’s come to PowerShell and Query Categories and City Information.

Get Categories

Get City Information

Let me show you how to search by city and showcase the country flag

City Info (Get)

City Information (Post)

Here we go!

Sample Code is available in Github

Enjoy PowerShell – In my next blog I will try to get Uber Eats 🙂

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