Building a simple form using PowerShell Polaris module

A friend of mine asked a help to build a simple form to collect user information and process it in back. Yes, its orchestration integration system. There are multiple ways to achieve it. But, I picked Polaris to experiment and demo the betterment of PowerShell as a Web Framework.

Gist is here!

It’s really very simple steps like build a HTML file and render it using New-PolarisGetRoute cmdlet and Collect the information using New-PolarisPostRoute cmdlet 🙂

Out HTML Form

Response and Request – A PowerShell Web Server!

Here is the output

More to come in upcoming blog – Until then Enjoy PowerShell!

2 thoughts on “Building a simple form using PowerShell Polaris module

  1. Hi Chen,
    This is great! Thanks for sharing.
    Do you have any good info on the basic usage of Polaris. I am not hugely familiar with the get,post,put process and am trying to understand it so I can start using Polaris.

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