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My first exercise with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)


Jessie Keck

Mark Caron

Two Segmented – DO-NUT PIE CHART


For my project which I am working on requires a pie-chart. So, I tried many options and thought SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) may fit my need. Indeed, there can be multiple best solutions. But, I am some what happy as a IT Pro with SVG or better say convinced :). For more reference.

In this blog post I would like to show case a demo of a pie chart! Data source is local disk space. Yes, I need to keep this blog simple and short.

Step 1 : Navigate to your favorite project location. In my case it is C:\Projects

Step 2: Create a folder and name it as you like. I named it as SelfServicePortal. Because I will keep adding all IT Pro automation work.

Step 3: Start the project work

Step 4: Install required packages

Step 5: Create a route

Step 6: Create a PowerShell Script to calculate the disk space information.

Step 7: Here is your main file (server.js)

Step 8: Build your PUG file as required. I just used the snippets which helps me! Thanks to Mark Caron!

Yes, it’s bit difficult to use the SVG for the first time. But, Mark Caron blog made my job easier and I achieved most of my needs with little more SVG tricks! I will continue to explore SVG and share my learning in my upcoming blog!



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