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NODE JS Routes and PowerShell Parameterization

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While working on Microservice development using NODE JS and PowerShell I have got stumped on Parameterization issue. So far I was working with single parameter all went fine and now got a new scenario where I need to work with two parameters with space as well. Interesting right? Yes, I meant the white space in […]


Retrieve Oracle instance port number using PowerShell | REGEX

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A requirement popped up to get the Oracle instance(s) port number before building a connection string for establishing a connection. Team used tnsping utility which returns results like shown below

We need to get the port number – Which is really a very straight forward approach using regular expression REGEX

Result : PORT […]


Get High Priority Email Message as a Phone Call using EWS API and PowerShell

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A colleague shared a blog post and asked me a script to get high priority email using PowerShell? Well, it’s the same way  by modifying the search filter as required as shown below.

and the below is the view to get the number of email we need from the inbox – In our case […]