TIP: Using TrueSight QueryEventByID and RetrieveQueryResults Complex Types in PowerShell

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Recently I was working on piece of code which retrieves TrueSight alert information. I got stuck with “Invalid Long Type:” – Doesn’t make sense right? Come lets see it detail! Consider you have an alert ID like “mc.pncell_[HOSTNAME].1a5ed3bb.0” using the below snippet you can retrieve the result (resultHandle)

We need the resultHandle for RetrieveQueryResults operations. Now let […]


Tip: Retrieve servicenow CI item values using REST API (Turn on Display Value)

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In my last blog post I shared about ‘Scripted REST API’ getDisplayValue() tip. Now, here lets see Out of the Box option. When we query the CI with a query “sysparm_query=name=$($ConfigurationItem)&sysparm_limit=1”

We get the output illustrated below. Now, add sysparm_display_value=true in the URL and see the results as actual values instead of ID

After […]


Create VSTS Build Definitions using PowerShell

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For my current project assignment I was asked to share a PowerShell script which creates VSTS build + phase dynamically. To make this blog short let me show a simple build definitions sample. With no wait here is the code

Step 1: You need Personal Access Token (PAT). Go get it. Step 2: Convert […]


Tip: Create Scripted REST API in servicenow and consume it in PowerShell

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In this blog post let me walk through the simple steps to create a “Scripted REST API” which simply prints the hardcoded values. This is a beginners guide so let’s keep things easier! Navigate here to get some more information.

Step 1: Login to servicenow Step 2: Search for Scripted REST API – in Filter […]

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TIP: Query servicenow Incident record using PowerShell and REST API

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In order to query the servicenow incident records and to list out the required fields use the sysparm_fields column which helps in optimization. Now,  See the code, result and performance All Fields

Here is the result! (8 seconds for one record)

Selected Fields!

It’s 6 seconds! Approximately we get 2 seconds […]