Windows Subsystem For Linux and Remote Development (Remote-WSL)

June 29, 2018 – BITPro Meetup held at LinkedIn India office which helped me to understand two main things #WSL (Windows Subsystem For Linux) and #Remote-WSL (VSCode Extension) . Like many I was aware of it but never had a chance to work. So, I thought of trying it once and now I couldn’t stop.  Let me share what I learnt.

About WSL 2

Install WSL on Windows 10

Yes, it’s straight forward approach and documentation is self-explanatory. While doing the installation @ravikanth showed me how to do remote development on WSL using VSCode. Indeed, that made me to explore the WSL a bit more. Again, it’s very simple – Just install remote development extension on VSCode which includes REMOTE – SSH , REMOTE – CONTAINERS , REMOTE – WSL.


What I observed is no intellisense support in Remote Development atleast for PowerShell. Anyways, here is a quick Hello World Web Server running on WSL as a sandbox – Accessible from Windows 10 🙂 🙂 🙂

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